09 July 2006

Happiness X 5!

5 things that made me happy today:

1. The Rainier cherries I had for lunch. Now, I have always been a sucker for the dark red cherries. The ones that I wait for every summer. The ones that I ALMOST think about buying the first day I see them in the store when they're probably too sour to even eat AND they cost almost as much as a full tank of gas. PER POUND. Today I ventured over to produce to grab some dark red cherries for lunch where I noticed that the white Rainier cherries were ALSO on sale. Daring to be adventurous, I grabbed 2 handfuls of the white cherries which cost me a mere $1.92. Quite possibly the best one dollar and ninety two cents I have EVER spent. If it was legal to marry produce, I'd probably be at the altar in 2.5 minutes. YUM.

2. The ongoing game we all decided to play at work today. It started as a small conversation in the break room. "What are your top 5 favorite things in life?" (My original top five may or may not have included Southern Comfort and the aforementioned Rainier cherries.) (my list has since been revised.) This conversation turned into "Hey! let's all write down our top 5 favorite things in life and then compare!" (one girl's #1 was definitely sex) (her list was NOT revised.) Our game eventually branched out to include questions such as "5 things you'd bring to a deserted island," "what name you'd choose if you could have chosen your name at birth," and "which of your 5 senses would you give up if you had to give up one?" It made the day pass by pretty fast and it gave me some insight into some rather interesting people. (sidenote: the girl who listed sex as her #1 favorite thing in life quit her job before the day was over. this, however, had nothing to do with the game.)

3. this picture.

I took this picture as we were leaving the Del Mar Fair. It's a picture of this ride called the Slingshot. It consists of a huge sphere-like apparatus attached to two giant rubber bands. 2 people are strapped into the sphere, laid back, and repeatedly shot strait up into the nite sky. (All for only $25!) Needless to say *I* did not ride this. I did, however, put my camera on sport mode and attempt to snap a picture of the ride as it launched. This is the result.

When I looked over my pictures from this nite, I ALMOST deleted this one. At first glance, it looked rather lame, but when I looked closer, I noticed that I had caught the ride attendant (in the bottom right corner) glancing up at the slingshot being sent into orbit. He is illuminated by the glow of the only light in the picture. The slingshot itself is that blur in the middle of the picture and I'm actually quite shocked that my camera was able to catch it since I'm convinced that it moves damn near as fast as the speed of sound.

I'm pretty impressed. :)

4. Dashboard Confessional's Reason to Believe.

Because really..

I have reason to believe that I have victories to taste.
I can feel them on my teeth, upon my lips and in my chest.
I can roll them on my tongue, they are more subtle than defeat.
I feel the tension in my lungs and every move is filled by my resolve to breathe.

5. THIS!!

Oh, thank you holy Lords of babies who can sit up by themselves. This not only means that yay, he's growing up and doing all the things that he's supposed to and OMG, look how adorable he looks. This ALSO means that I can sit him on the floor with a toy (.. or 37) and he can actually entertain himself for more than 3.4 seconds!

oh, how sweet it is. :)

06 July 2006


Grey's Anatomy tonite:

There's a baby in the nursery upstairs.
He's brand new.
Nobody's neglected or abused him yet.

How do we get from there to here?

What a question.
How DO we get from there to here.