30 June 2006

take a trip to the coast

Growing up in FL, I literally grew up in the waters of the Atlantic. The Atlantic is an ocean that is beautiful in it's own ways. The water is always warm, the sand is soft and has a way of just melting underneath your feet, the hotels and high rises that line the sand are full of people who are always ready to tell you a story or give you a soda as you spend the daylite hours in the waves. You can literally just run strait into the water and stay there all day.

The first time I saw the Pacific, I was left breathless. I was 17 and had just moved away from everything I had ever known. There were 3000 miles between me and my beach-going friends, me and my family, me and my world. Here I was in San Diego, a place where people dream of being, where people spend their life savings just to visit.. and I couldn't really find a hint of pleasure.

Until I visited the Pacific.

The water is FREEZING. In fact, there is rarely a day when you can just run into the water without your breath catching in your throat. You have to inch your way in.. little by little, and even then, you can't stay in for more than a few minutes. The sand is a mixture of brown and black and it's not nearly as soft as the sand on the opposite coast. But the scenery is breathtaking. The hotels and highrises are replaced with jutting rocks that the waves break themselves against over and over. There are families of seals that call these lovely beaches home and you can stand on a bridge and watch these seal moms and dads and babies dive into the water and sun themselves on the rocks.

It's a place where you can sit and just marvel at the wonders of nature.. and how one place can be so similar and yet SO much different than another.

Today my son is 7 months old. He has been to both coasts. He has dipped his feet into the ocean of my childhood and now, the ocean of his.

What a miracle life.


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